Kelly Hulme sommelier

Kelly Hulme

I’m a sommelier and freelance writer with an MBA in entrepreneurship and a knack for the unconventional.

I first fell in love with wine, and the surrounding culture, on a post-graduation trip biking through the vineyards of Burgundy, but really started to understand the business and the world of wine when I spent a winter in New Zealand – they keep the best stuff for themselves and there is so much great wine yet to be discovered in the world.

I have worked in wine retail, wholesale, and restaurants in Boston and Nantucket, Massachusetts; am a certified sommelier and hold the WSET Advanced Certificate; but I think most importantly have an insatiable curiosity about wine & food, both the New Fun stuff and the Old Important stuff – and everything from the farming to the dollars and the cents – that keeps me reading, exploring, eating, drinking, traveling and just generally soaking in every new experience and getting excited to share it all with people who care about the same things.

You have found my personal site, the landing page for all my work and semi-indulgent musings; you can also find me at (@rosewinereport) where I do a deep-dive into the world of rosé wines, and at (@newworldterroir) where I explore the aforementioned New Fun stuff in the wine world. Please reach out with any questions, just to chat about wine food entrepreneurship or whatever, or if you want to grab a glass of wine if you find yourself in Boston or Nantucket. Skål!