Kelly Hulme sommelier
Kelly Hulme

Meet Kelly

I’m a sommelier and wine retailer with an MBA in entrepreneurship and a knack for the unconventional. I first fell in love with wine, and the surrounding culture, on a post-graduation trip biking through the vineyards of Burgundy, but I really started to understand the business and the world of wine when I spent a winter in New Zealand – they keep the best stuff for themselves and there is so much great wine yet to be discovered in the world.

Since those two trips, my main curiosities about wine have been, in a broad stroke: how did we get here? Where are we going? I stumbled upon an essay by winemaker Ted Lemon of Littorai called “The Concept of Noble Place” in Jacky Rigaux’s book Terroir & the Winegrower, and it is one of the most influential – and most concise – things I’ve ever read about wine. His bottom line is that great terroirs are built through a process of discovery over time, and are a reflection of “human cultural, economic, political and agronomic history…if great terroir is built, why not become a carpenter?” It is his job as a farmer & winemaker to discover and yield the secrets of a noble plot of land; it is my job as a writer, curator, and observer of trends to help convey his and others’ findings to a larger audience, and try to make sense of the bigger picture.

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